Emergency Numbers

Emergency number      1-800-582-0000

Do not email your emergency request.  Leave your house immediately. Do not turn any lights or appliances on or off. Call Missouri Gas Energy from a neighbor's phone.         


Underground utilities are located everywhere, even in your yard.  Careless digging can cause disruption of vital utility services and environmental damage, even serious injury or death.  In Missouri, you are required by law to call 8-1-1 before you dig.  When you call 8-1-1, all utility lines will be marked free of charge.
Become a partner in damage prevention and obey the law. Help prevent injury, death, and expensive repairs by following these simple steps:

  • Call 8-1-1 at least three working days before you dig.
  • Wait the required amount of time for marking.
  • Confirm utility response.
  • Respect the marks.
  • Dig with care.  If digging within 24 inches of any markings, always dig by hand (not with equipment).
  • Immediately report any damage to a gas pipeline, even if it is minor, to MGE.  If damage is not properly repaired, it could result in a future leak and a serious accident, including a fire or explosion that could result in death, severe personal injury or significant property damage.

For more information about the One Call System, visit www.mo1call.com or www.call811.com.