Pipeline Upgrades Program

Upgrading the region’s pipelines

Missouri Gas Energy is replacing the natural gas mains and services lines throughout the region with a modern pipeline system. Soon you’ll benefit an even safer and more reliable natural gas system that requires less maintenance.

It could take several weeks and it may get messy, but we will make every effort to minimize disruptions to you and your family.


Newer. Safer. More reliable.

We’re investing in your neighborhood, replacing bare steel piping with a state-of-the-art polyethylene system.


Higher pressure for future needs

With capacity to handle additional natural gas equipment, like pool heaters and generators.


Advanced technology

More resistant to corrosion, requiring fewer future repairs.


More convenient than ever

Improved access to outdoor gas meters for maintenance with fewer disruptions to your schedule.


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In Your Neighborhood

Our crews are constantly working to bring safe, reliable natural gas service to your homes, businesses and schools. We are working across the region to improve your community. To see if we are in your neighborhood, see all of our projects below.

35th at Connecticut

39th & State Line Rd Phase A

39th & State Line Rd Phase B

39th & State Line Rd Phase C

63rd & 55th Replacement Phase 1A

Alma Phase 1

Alma Phase 2

Belton Phase 2A

Belton Phase 2B

Blue Ridge - Hardy to Sterling

Carrollton Phase A

Carrollton Phase B

Carrollton Phase C

Carrollton Phase D

Carrollton Phase E

Carrollton Phase F

Carrollton Phase G

Carrollton Phase H

Carrollton Phase I

Carrollton Phase J

Carrollton Phase K

Clarksburg Phase A

Clarksburg Phase B

Dunn Park Phase 1B

Dunn Park Phase 1C

Highway 71 & Gregory Replacement Phase G

Highway 71 & Gregory Replacement Phase H

Highway 71 & Gregory Replacement Phase I

Highway 71 & Gregory Replacement Phase J

Highway 71 & Gregory Replacement Phase M

Highway 71 & Gregory Replacement Phase N

Liberty Phase D

Liberty Phase E

Liberty Phase F

Liberty Phase G

Liberty Phase H

Liberty Street South of 23rd Phase 1

Liberty Street South of 23rd Phase 2

Marionville Phase A

Marionville Phase C

N Budd Park Phase 1A

N Budd Park Phase 1B

N Budd Park Phase 1C

N Budd Park Phase 1D

N Budd Park Phase 1E

N Budd Park Phase 1F

Neosho Phase 1B

Pleasant Hill Phase 3

Pleasant Hill Phase 4

Pleasant Hill Phase 5

Purcell Phase 1B

Purcell Phase 1C

Replacement at Mina Ave and a Street

St. Joe's South 2A

St. Joe's South 2B

St. Joe's South 2C

Target Marlborough East Phase 2

Target Marlborough East Phase 3

Target Marlborough West Phase 1

Target Marlborough West Phase 2

Target Marlborough West Phase 3

Target Marlborough West Phase 4

Target Marlborough West Phase 5

Webb City 2A

Webb City 2B

Webb City 2C

Webb City 2D

Webb City 2E


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What to Expect

Our work begins long before the first shovel hits the ground. We start with a thorough planning process, partnering with the city street department and other utilities to coordinate our work with already scheduled projects. Construction can take weeks to months to complete, depending on a variety of factors from weather and soil type to traffic patterns and street size.


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Main replacements

Construction starts with the mains, the large pipes that run under the street. Our workers will replace the aging bare steel and cast iron pipes with an advanced plastic system. For your safety, we may need to temporarily block the streets while we’re working. Our crews will help guide traffic to keep you safe and moving on-schedule.


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Service lines

Once work on the mains is complete, we’ll begin work on the service lines -- the pipes that run from the main to the gas meter at your home. When it’s time to switch your service line over to the new piping, we’ll need to briefly interrupt your gas service. We can typically complete the transition in less than four hours. We’ll be in touch before then to coordinate work on your property and schedule time to relight your appliances.

There is no need to schedule an appointment at this time. When we begin work on your street, you will receive a notice on your front door requesting that you contact the project foreman to schedule the necessary work on your property. We appreciate your prompt response.


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Meter relocation

As part of the project, we’ll also be moving indoor gas meters outside when possible. In most cases, meters will be relocated to the side of the home near the front of the residence. We’ll do our best to keep the meter outside of fenced areas. To better serve you, our technicians will relocate the meter and relight your appliances during one appointment.


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Our work doesn’t stop until we’ve repaired affected streets and sidewalks and restored lawns to their original condition. After reseeding, we’ll need your help. Please water your lawn every few days to help your new grass get off to a strong start.


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